Services we provide:

Siding - We offer siding in a large range of colors and styles. Enhance your home’s appearance and protect its exterior with premium Shetler Siding.

Repairs - Shetler Siding performs expert repairs on all aspects of your home.

Trim - Improve the appearance of your home by having Shetler Siding’s professionals repaint and refinish the trim.

Storm Damage Repair - You can count on Shetler Siding for all of your storm cleanup needs.

Gutters, Gutter Guards, & Downspouts - Your gutters help to keep water away from your home. When they are clogged or broken, it can place your home at risk for water damage. Call Shetler Siding today to ensure that your gutters are in good working condition.

Vinyl & Aluminum Products - Vinyl and aluminum are both durable materials that are popular with many homeowners. However, no material is safe from corrosion, and that’s why Shetler Siding is here to help with their maintenance.

Porches, Posts, & Soffits - A finished porch adds appeal to any home. Additionally, posts and soffits that are in good condition enhance not only the safety but the aesthetic appeal of the porch.

Garage Doors - Shetler Siding can help you enhance the full exterior of your home. We perform professional garage door installations to leave your garage easily accessible and looking better than ever.

Replacement Windows - Windows block out air, dust, sound, and moisture from entering your home. Shetler Siding has the know-how to place new windows into your home, as well as to assess whether you need new ones and the extent of any repairs which are needed.

Shutters - Shutters add a classic touch to any home. The team at Shetler Siding is able to perform professional shutter installations.